Gift Basket and Hampers Delivery in France

Gift Basket and Hampers Delivery in France

Adventurous Liquor Discovery Set

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Introducing the ultimate gift for spirit enthusiasts and adventurous drinkers alike - the Adventurous Liquor Discovery Set. This beautifully curated collection is brimming with a captivating array of mignonette bottles that will awaken your taste buds and transport you on a journey of flavor discovery.

Inside this enchanting box, you will uncover a delightful assortment of miniatures, each elegantly presented and ready to be savored. From the iconic Jack Daniels Whiskey to the smooth and velvety Amaretto Liqueur, this collection showcases an impressive range of spirits that cater to every palate.

Indulge in the rich and complex Licor Mignonette 43, or experience the refreshing burst of citrus from the Ricard Pastis from Marseille. Discover the subtle sweetness of the Williams Pear Liqueur, or ignite your senses with the fiery kick of the Ginger Liqueur.

With each passing day, you can anticipate a new surprise, unwrapping the mystery and excitement with every mignonette. This Adventurous Liquor Discovery Set is the ultimate gift to delight a loved one or to treat yourself to a tantalizing tasting experience. Unleash your inner connoisseur and embark on a spirited adventure with this extraordinary collection.

The Hamper includes:
• Licor Mignonette 43 - 31%Mignonette Of 5cl
• Mignonette Of Double Blackcurrant Cream 19% - Joseph Cartronmignonette Of 3cl
• Jack Daniels Whiskey - Mignonette - 40%5cl Glass Bottle
• Amaretto Liqueur Mignonette 25% - Joseph Cartronmignonette Of 3cl
• Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum Mignonette 40%5cl Bottle
• Mignonnette From Ricard - Pastis From Marseille 45%2cl Bottle
• Green Velay Verbena Mignonette 55%3cl Bottle
• Vodka Mignonette - Absolut 40%5cl Bottle
• Mignonette From Martin Millers London Dry Gin 40%Mignonette Of 5cl
• Mignonnette La Gentiane Artisanale 16%Mignonette Of 4cl
• Mignonette Of Morello Cherry Liqueur 15%5cl Bottle
• Saint James Mignonnette - Martinique Rum - 45%Mignonette Of 2cl
• Red Martini Mignonette 14.4%6cl Bottle
• Williams Pear Liqueur Mignonette - Golden Eight 25%3cl Bottle
• White Lillet Mignonette 17%5cl Bottle
• Johnnie Walker Red Label Whiskey - Mignonette - 40%5cl Bottle
• Mignonette Of Ginger Liqueur 18% - Joseph Cartronmignonette Of 3cl
• Fougerolles Kirsch Mignonette AOC 45%5cl Bottle
• Jägermeister Liqueur Mignonette 35%2cl Bottle
• Bitter Mirabelle Beermignonette Of 4cl
• Mignonette Of Wild Raspberry Brandy 40%3cl Bottle
• Mignonette Of Pvrple Gin® - 40%3cl Bottle
• Mignonette Of Génépi From The Chartreux Fathers 40%3cl Bottle
• Monkey Shoulder - Whiskey Mignonette 5clmignonette 5cl
• Advent Calendar Wedge Spirits Box

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