Gift Basket and Hampers Delivery in France

Gift Basket and Hampers Delivery in France

Delicious Holiday Treats

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Surprise your loved ones with a delightful and indulgent treat this Christmas with Delicious Holiday Treats! This charmingly packaged assortment is sure to spread joy and bring festive cheer. Inside, youll find an exquisite variety of delectable delights that will tantalize your taste buds.

Start your mornings with the invigorating aroma of the Christmas green tea, infused with hints of seaweed and red fruits. Pair it with a slice of the pre-sliced ​​orange cake, bursting with citrusy flavors that awaken the senses. For those with a sweet tooth, the tray of pucks coated with milk chocolate is a true delight, offering a perfect balance of creamy chocolate and crisp biscuit.

Indulge in the savory goodness of Groix et natures sea bass rillette, festive langoustine terrine, and small pots of scallop and crab rillettes. With each bite, youll savor the rich and flavorful seafood delicacies that have been expertly crafted for your enjoyment.

To complement your culinary journey, spread a generous dollop of the fine vine peach jam and Christmas fruit jam on freshly baked bread. Their luscious textures and sweet notes will make your taste buds sing.

Last but not least, relish the addictive crunch of the seaweed crackers and savor the festive charm of the gingerbread man with almond paste.

Give the gift of indulgence and gourmet delights this holiday season with Delicious Holiday Treats. This thoughtfully curated assortment will surely leave a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to receive it.

The Hamper includes:

A Christmas green tea with seaweed and red fruits - 43g
Chocolate oysters with red bow praline - 160g
A box of salted butter caramel - 45g
A sea bass rillette - Groix et nature - 100g
A festive langoustine terrine - 100g
A small pot of scallop rillettes - Groix et nature - 30g
A small pot of Crab rillettes - Groix et nature - 30g
A Christmas fruit jam - 120g
A fine vine peach jam from Brittany - 120g
A pre-sliced ​​orange cake - 275g
A tray of pucks coated with milk chocolate - 170g
Seaweed crackers - 50g
A gingerbread man with almond paste - 23g

Delivery Location: All over France.

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