Gift Basket and Hampers Delivery in France

Gift Basket and Hampers Delivery in France

Exotic Flavors Gift Ensemble

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This Exotic Flavors Gift Ensemble embodies the flavors and essence of Morocco, showcasing a blend of culinary delights and cultural treasures. Starting with the aromatic Organic Mint Green Tea, housed in a sleek metal box, it invites a refreshing sip into the Moroccan tradition. The Pink Hummus with Goat Cheese and Berries offers a tantalizing fusion of savory and sweet in a 100g Verrine.

Adding a dash of Moroccan spice, the Raz el Hanout from Marrakech, packed in a 60g jar, promises an exotic culinary adventure. The Candied Beldi Lemons, preserved in a 660g pot, capture the tangy essence of Morocco’s citrus fruits.

For a taste of authenticity, the package includes a 1kg pack of Fine Couscous and a 50cl jar of Organic Moroccan Soup, both essential components of Moroccan cuisine. Complementing these flavors are the Pitted Moroccan Purple Olives, packed in a 650g jar, offering a burst of Mediterranean taste.

Finally, presented in a striking Rectangular Magnetic Gift Box themed “Travel to Morocco,” sized at 34x25x11 cm, this collection exudes elegance and invites recipients on a sensorial journey through the vibrant and diverse flavors of Morocco.

The Hamper includes:

• Organic mint green tea - Bulk metal box
100g metal box
• Pink hummus with goat cheese and berries
Verrine 100g
• Raz el Hanout - Marrakech - Morocco
60g jar
• Candied Beldi lemons
660g pot
• Fine couscous
1kg package
• Organic Moroccan soup
50cl jar
• Pitted Moroccan purple olives
650g jar
• Rectangular magnetic gift box “Travel to Morocco”
The decorated empty box 34x25x11 cm

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