Gift Basket and Hampers Delivery in France

Gift Basket and Hampers Delivery in France

Gourmet Artisanal Bliss Showcase

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Discover the irresistible flavors of Bretagne with Gourmet Artisanal Bliss Showcase a delightful selection of gourmet treats. This carefully curated hamper is a true celebration of the regions culinary expertise, featuring an array of delicious goodies that will transport you straight to the enchanting coastlines of western France.

Immerse yourself in the savory and sweet delights of Bretagne with Langoustine Supreme with Spices, a sumptuous delicacy that perfectly balances delicate langoustines with aromatic spices. Indulge in the rich and creamy Salidou, a delectable salted butter caramel cream that will enchant your taste buds with its velvety texture. Delight in the exquisite Scallops and crème fraîche spread, a divine combination of succulent scallops and creamy goodness.

Savor the authentic flavors of Bretagne with the Sardines in organic olive oil, capturing the essence of the sea with each bite. Treat yourself to the heavenly Caramels with salted butter and Guérande salt, offering a harmonious blend of sweet and salty notes that will leave you craving more. Dive into the deliciousness of Breton pancakes and pallets, enjoying their light and crispy texture.

Presented in a charming wicker basket dressed in gingham fabric, Gourmet Artisanal Bliss Showcase is not only a culinary delight but also a visual feast. Indulge yourself or impress your loved ones with this exquisite hamper that showcases the best that Bretagne has to offer.

The Hamper includes:

• Raw farm cider - 5.5%
75cl bottle
• Langoustine Supreme with Spices - Maison Sauveterre
780g jar
• Salidou, salted butter caramel cream
220g jar
• Scallops and crème fraîche spread
Verrine 100g
• Sardines in organic olive oil
Box 115g
• Caramels with salted butter and Guérande salt
150g bag
• Breton pancakes
80g box (2 bags of 6 cakes)
• Breton pallets
80g box (4 pucks)
• Wicker basket dressed in gingham fabric
Basket 35 x 28 x 16 cm

Delivery Location: All over France.

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